Better Startup File for Blender 2.83x

Better Startup File
Better Startup file for Blender Heten Daiya

Sharing a better startup file for Blender Lighting Artists (Obviously this is subjective but better for my needs ;), Intention is to create clutter free startup file. 

1. Changes made

- Cycles Experimental GPU set as default instead of EEVEE

- View transform set to standard in Color Management for better compatibility with Photoshop's color space (or softwares that lack filmic support)

- All needed render passes + denoising enabled by default including cryptomattes.

- All render pass composited correctly in Compositor

- Added an Uber Gradient Node Group as Fake User for use with Area Lights (no input vector needed) or Geometry (For Geometry just input the vector needed and set "Use Vector ?" to 1) with support for barn doors, barn door falloff, center bulb falloff & bulb location.

- Deleted un-needed UI tabs. Has only 3 tabs. (Layout, Shading and Compositing)

- Deleted default collections, default cube and point light, renamed default scene to Scene_00 and default layer to Master

- File output format set to EXR multi-layer 16-bit float by default, and film set to transparent

- Let me know if I can add or forgot something.

2. Installation instruction

- Open Blender

- Click on "File" menu

- Point mouse to "Defaults"

- In the sub-menu Click "Save Startup File"

3. If you don't want to set this file as Startup File and just want to use the Node trees,

- Open Blender

- Click on "File" menu

- Click on "Append..."

- Navigate to the file's folder, and double click on the file

- Select "Node Trees" Folder

- Select node tree of your interest and append

Once appended you can find the node tree in one of the node editors by finding it under "Group" catergory in the "Add" menu

Download at Heten.Co

Download at Gumroad


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