Chrono Snapshots

Chrono Snapshots
Chrono Snapshots Heten Daiya
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What it does:

It creates a history deleted (All deformations preserved at the time of converting to mesh and all animation deleted) copy of your source mesh. Please see the video for a better understanding. To get any meaningful output, an animated input mesh is to be selected.


Go to

Edit - Preferences - Addons - import

import the addon from your download location and enable it by ticking on the check box. You can find the UI in

3d Viewport - UI - Create Tab - Chrono Snapshots Panel


Operator Search (F3) in 3d viewport  type 'Chrono Snapshots'

Right after clicking the execute button you can adjust the settings with redo panel at the left bottom of the viewport.

Download at Heten.Co

Download at Gumroad

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